Heated table available

This is a head-to-toe service with comfortably hot towels, gently placed to warm your face and feet.

Deep Tissue
This service focuses on muscles related to your specific area(s) of concern, beginning with muscle-warming, gentle attention, working increasingly deeper to release soreness.

Sports Massage (1 and 1.5hr sessions)
This service focuses on helping the athlete prepare for pre- and post-workouts and helps stretch the muscles to help with flexibility. With some relaxation/ deep tissue massage.

Hot Stone (1hr 15min)
In this relaxation massage services comfortably heated stones are slowly introduced along the body, relaxing muscles and improving relaxation.


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While massage therapy is a form of care, it is not a substitute for medical care from a physician. Many physicians will suggest, and even prescribe massage therapy, in order for patients to recover from injuries to the body. I always suggest that of you have a medical concern, or condition, to check with your physician before participating in a massage therapy session.

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